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Monthly Archives: May 2015

The Trouble with Labels

The Trouble with Labels (and how to avoid them) | mostly mindful mommyQuick, think of 3 words used to describe you as a child. Even if all 3 are positive, they may have affected you more than you know.


When we label our children, we’re telling them who we expect them to be. They may feel they don’t have permission to not meet those expectations. Have you ever said any of these things?

“You’re such a chatterbox, why so quiet today?”

“You sure are serious today. That’s not like you.”

“I know that’s not really your thing.”

You may be thinking to yourself “Okay, I may label my children, but I don’t actually say it out loud so it doesn’t count.”

But it does.

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5 Things Most People Don’t Know About Mindful Parenting

5 Things Most People Don't Know About Mindful Parenting | mostly mindful mommy

Mindful parenting is the act of bringing your purposeful, non-judgmental awareness to everyday parenting situations. It’s about seeing your children as they are in the present moment, not as you want them to be. The most powerful aspect of mindful parenting is cultivating the ability to choose your reactions instead of reacting from habits and old patterns. Conscious interactions with your children fosters deeper connections, leading to happier families! Sounds pretty great, right?

As the terms “mindfulness” and “mindful parenting” are becoming buzzwords, misconceptions of the terms can turn people off from these concepts entirely. Me, personally? I just want to avoid projecting my own “stuff” on to my kids, and the concepts of mindful parenting help me avoid that, or at least to be more aware of it when I’m doing it!

Since I want you to take a shot at parenting mindfully so you can discover first-hand just how life-changing it can be for you and your family, I’m going to let you in on a few things.

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