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Who is the (mostly) mindful mommy?

mostlymindfulmommy.comMy name is Katy Allred and I’m the mother of a 22-month-old girl. That’s a sentence I thought I might never write, as I didn’t know whether I wanted to even have children of my own until I was 30 years old. Looking back, I see that’s because it took me that long to experience the trials, tragedies, and triumphs I required to gain the wisdom I felt I needed in order to be the kind of parent I wanted to be.

I still have a long way to go, but as soon as I had my daughter I became curious about how she might benefit from my own journey with mindfulness and meditation. Could these tools transform her life, minus the rocky road I traveled to find them? My curiosity quickly expanded outside of my own family.

My vision is to inspire parents and children to live mindfully and awaken to their true selves.

My burning questions are:

  • How can we raise children in today’s world who NEVER FORGET WHO THEY REALLY ARE?
  • How can we help them maintain that sense of wonder, amazement, and pure mindful presence that is their natural state as they get older?
  • How do we raise compassionate children who never lose sight of what really matters in life despite contradicting messages from the society around them?
  • How can I be a more loving and present parent to my child than I was yesterday?

Why am I “just” mostly mindful? As a recovering type A personality, the word mostly gives me the allowance to be a more mindful person than I was yesterday, without feeling like a failure when I do act from my unconscious mind. Mostly means I don’t have to be perfect. And most importantly, mostly means neither do you – becoming more present is possible for anyone at any age!

Why might you want to work with me?

  • I am a Certified Children’s Meditation Facilitator.
  • I began my own journey with meditation 7 years ago, and have spent the last 3 years in intensive study and practice of many meditation techniques and methods.
  • I have taught meditation to adults in the Denver area over the past 2 years.
  • I have been practicing yoga for 12 years.
  • I have a B.S. in computer science and mathematics, yes, we left-brained people CAN learn to meditate too!
  • I have 12 years of experience in the corporate world, which has given me insight into how to apply mindfulness and meditation techniques in the real world.
  • My goal is to make the world what I like to call “more better”. When you grow, I grow!
  • I am as dedicated to my clients and mini-clients as I am to my own best friends and family because we are all connected.

I hope you will join me on this path of discovery, as I want to share with you everything I learn along the way, and to benefit from your wisdom as well! I can’t wait to hear from you!

* & ♥,


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