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2 Tips ANYONE Can Use To Be More Mindful

2 Tips ANYONE Can Use To Be More MindfulI had so much fun chatting with Carin Rockind today on her show Happy Hour! How can parents and children benefit from being mindful? Listen now to find out!



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Lessons in Self Love from a 13-Month-Old

Lessons in Self Love From a 13-Month-OldMy daughter is her biggest cheerleader. It’s not that she doesn’t have competition. Believe me, her dad and I think pretty much everything she does is the most impressive thing we’ve ever seen. But this child is something else – she has her hands together in exuberant applause for herself before my neurons even have time to send the signal to my proud mommy hands to move.


She stacks blocks 3 high – YES!!! Opens and then shuts a door herself? Definitely applause-worthy. Just this past Saturday she took her first steps down stairs walking, rather than crawling backwards, and clapped. (She raised her arms up to take both of my hands, which she held tightly as she took those 2 steps. I’m not trying to take anything away from her, I’m just painting a picture here..)

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