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Lessons in Self Love from a 13-Month-Old

Lessons in Self Love From a 13-Month-OldMy daughter is her biggest cheerleader. It’s not that she doesn’t have competition. Believe me, her dad and I think pretty much everything she does is the most impressive thing we’ve ever seen. But this child is something else – she has her hands together in exuberant applause for herself before my neurons even have time to send the signal to my proud mommy hands to move.


She stacks blocks 3 high – YES!!! Opens and then shuts a door herself? Definitely applause-worthy. Just this past Saturday she took her first steps down stairs walking, rather than crawling backwards, and clapped. (She raised her arms up to take both of my hands, which she held tightly as she took those 2 steps. I’m not trying to take anything away from her, I’m just painting a picture here..)


I can remember a time when I thought that everything I did was fantastic. In fact, one of my dad’s favorite stories is when, after jumping into the swimming pool I emerged and exclaimed, “Aren’t I STUPENDOUS?” at the ripe age of 5. But then I can also recall being in the 2nd grade and beating myself up for weeks over losing the school spelling bee (I spelled the word “I” without saying “capital I”). An easy mistake, to be sure, but was I going to cut myself any slack? Of course not! Do you? When did we start berating ourselves for not being perfect instead of being amazed at what we accomplish in life on a daily basis?


Seeing my daughter’s enthusiasm for her own accomplishments reminds me that we are often, or dare I say almost always, far too hard on ourselves. Our expectations of ourselves get even higher after we become wives and mothers. So the next time you have a self-deprecating thought, take that pause to ask yourself: “Is this really true?” Or the equally perspective-shifting: “If my best friend/someone I respect/almost any other mother I know except myself had done this, would I be judging her so harshly?”


And if you really want to change your life, how about the next time you do something that makes you feel good – something you did a little better than you thought you might – something you just did for the very first time – you give yourself a little credit? Channel your younger self, who believed almost everything you accomplished was worth celebrating. Go ahead, and clap out loud – I bet your kids will too!


Lessons in Self Love From a 13-Month-Old

“See me clap so fast for the 3 blocks I stacked that you can’t even get a good picture! I AM AWESOME!”


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8 thoughts on “Lessons in Self Love from a 13-Month-Old

  1. Tom MacInnes says:

    Your post is bang on!  We are all harder on ourselves that we ought to be. Thank heavens we have the wisdom of the wee ones to light the path forward for us.  Three cheers for you for this uplifting and important post!  :)

    • the mostly mindful mommy says:

      They do have so much to teach us. Thanks for your kind words!

  2. Autumn says:

    Could she be any cuter!!! And Re-tweeted! Xoxo Giraffemom

    • the mostly mindful mommy says:

      Thank you! Here’s another just for you :)

      giraffe baby!

  3. Maria says:

    You’re right: I think we spend too much time criticizing our short falls that we fail to see what we’ve actually accomplished. Your post is a great reminder that we need to give ourselves a little bit more credit. Isn’t it fantastic that our little ones can teach us so much as such a young age? Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post and a wonderful pic of your daughter to boast : )

    • the mostly mindful mommy says:

      Thank you for stopping by! From your blog I see you are also finding wisdom in your little one.. we must soak it up while we can!

  4. Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom says:

    So true! We need to focus on the positives instead of beating ourselves up over the “negatives”.

    Thanks for sharing and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.


  5. Coombe Mill says:

    there are many lessons we could learn from our children and this is one of them.


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