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February 2015 – The Tribune

Students choose veggies and meditation at fifth annual Health Jam

February 2015 – Fox 21 News

How to Practice Mindful Parenting

December 2015 – The Baca Journey

Mindfulness for Children

September 2015 – Huffington Post GPS for the Soul

Stay Centered in a Hectic World With the Mostly Mindful Mommy’s GPS Guide

September 2015 – Wisdom 2 Business Community Panel

September 2015 – Good Enough Mother

Life Lessons: Katy Allred

August 2015 – Inspire Me Today

Time to Wake Up and LIVE!

July 2015 – 8 Minutes of Awesome

July 2015 –

Quotes and Commentary Related to Mindfulness

July 2015 – Colorado Springs Gazette

Live Well: New Meditation Classes Can Help Kids

March 2015 – Happy Hour with Carin Rockind

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