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Family Mindfulness Coaching

for kids!

this could be your child!
I’ll provide your child with tools to..

  • open to their own inner creativity and wisdom
  • appreciate what makes them UNIQUE
  • observe and manage their emotions
  • better cope with stress and anxiety
  • better recognize and communicate their physical and emotional needs
  • be more loving and compassionate with others and themselves
  • stay fully in the experience of the world around them – and delight in each magical moment!

All this, while having FUN!

Child package – 4 private weekly sessions

Feeling jealous?? Don’t worry!

for adults!

I’ll provide you with tools to..

  • improve and deepen relationships and communication as you rediscover your authentic self and voice
  • learn to TRUST your intuition/inner voice as a parent
  • be present and really connect with your children and loved ones
  • let go of stress, be calmer, and not succumb to anger
  • remember who you are – outside of your roles as parent, child, sibling, employee, and all of the other hats you wear!
  • remember what is really important to you, so you can consciously focus on those things
  • greater happiness and fulfillment without changing your life – you can find it RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE!

Oh, and we can have FUN too!

Adult package – 8 private, personalized sessions, available in person or over Skype/phone

I know, you can’t wait to get started!


“Katy is seriously AMAZING!! Katy shared her vast knowledge of mindfulness and meditation for both myself as well as my 3 year old son. I’ve learned how to become a more mindful parent and teach my son some wonderful techniques to ease his toddler frustrations. Being a Type A Perfectionist with an incredibly full and busy life, frustrations run high when things don’t run perfectly. Now I know what to do to “go with the flow” instead of freaking out and my son now knows more peaceful ways to feel happy, calm and at ease. I’ve learned how to be still with my mind and calm my thoughts which has revealed much of my inner self and I’m able to fall asleep almost as soon as my head hits the pillow, Incredible!” – Eileen M.


Do I have to be a parent to work with you?

No way! I enjoy working with future parents, never-wanna-be-parents, empty nest parents – everyone can benefit from mindfulness and meditation!

Do you coach couples or siblings at the same time?

I love working with couples who are looking to establish a meditation practice together. I also believe that these techniques are most effective when the whole family learns and practices them together. Contact me to discuss what you’re looking for!

What else can you teach me?

I am also passionate about:

  • Personal Organization/Effectiveness Coaching
  • Career and Business Coaching
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Parenting – I’m no expert but I can share what I know so far!

What is your most useless talent?

I can only show you in person or on Skpye, so to book your free session now!

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