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Simply Sitting: #mostlymindful10 Week 2

I almost changed to a new technique, but realized I needed more time with this one, and you probably did too.

On My Deck
(repeat pic, but includes Day 8 also)

9/18/15 & 9/19/15: Days 7 & 8 of #mostlymindful10. Welcome to my deck during the daytime! I forgot to take a pic yesterday, but I lucked out that I did my #meditation in the same spot at roughly the same time (early afternoon) both days. Both sittings were equally rough ad far as continuously pulling my mind away from thoughts of my to do list. Both afternoons brought a breeze that I appreciated. I did notice less reluctance to doing the sitting, which tells me a habit is reforming. Want to join me? Click the link in my profile to follow my blog, my next post is coming soon with the details on how to start and more insight into my week! #blogging #mindfulness #mostlymindful #simplysitting #notice #awareness #senses #outside #deck #whereever #whenever #10minutes #justdoit

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At the Yoga Studio

In My Closet Room
(yes, I have a closet room. the closet space in our house is terrible!)

In Yoga Class

In My Front Yard

In a Parking Lot

All Tucked In

9/25/15: Day 14 of #mostlymindful10. Remember that sinus infection I mentioned yesterday? This day, it was full on to the point that I literally looked like I'd been punched in both eyes. I could barely hold it together enough to pack for our trip to Disney, and I hopped into bed at the first opportunity. Before I ever started sitting meditations I listened to CDs (mp3s?). Last night I pulled out my very first, Kelly Howell's Healing Meditation. I love her voice, but I also believe a huge part of why this one impacts me so much is the #hemisync #brainsync element to the music. This is me with a freezer-cold mask on my face, and a microwave-heated pillow on my chest, as my husband tucked me in with my beloved Sleep Phone. I'm *fairly* sure I listened to the meditation for at least 10 minutes before passing out.. #mostlymindful #10minutes #healing #meditation #sinusinfection #nofilter #disney #disneylandeve #sickmommy #selfcare #nevertoooldtobetuckedin #nightnight

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Stay tuned for this coming week, when I have the challenge of meditating every day while at Disneyland taking care of my daughter full-time while my husband attends conference sessions!


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