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I Have a Confession to Make…

Join me for the #mostlymindful10! | mostly mindful mommy

Last Wednesday I embarked on a trip to the Wisdom 2.0 Business conference, my first visit to NYC in over 12 years. The first time I’d be away from my daughter for more than a single night. My first mindfulness conference. Many firsts I faced alone, as I knew no one who would be there (but this didn’t matter for long).

To begin to describe the depth of the experience is an impossible task so I will sum it up briefly:

The environment held such presence you could feel it in the air, as if it was buzzing with electricity.

People were open and authentic to the point I that connected more deeply with some people in 60 seconds than I have with others I’ve known for years.

There are amazing people out there changing the world our children will be living and doing business in for the better.

But for me, the most impactful moment was when we were asked the following question:

What commitment are you going to make to change the world a year from now?

Perhaps it was the field of connection we’d strengthened in that room over the past 2 days, or the moments of silence, or the buildup of thoughtful pauses being taken by each and every speaker. I’m not sure what exactly set the stage but the answer came to me immediately in a flash of insight.

I want to be a better wife. A better mother. A better employee. A better blogger. A better coach, teacher, and business owner. I am certain that by doing these things, I can change the world.

Ah, but how? What’s the real commitment?

First, the confession.

I’m not sure if any of you have ever attempted to balance a marriage, parenting a toddler, and a professional career with building a business, coaching clients, teaching classes while also maintaining relationships with friends and family, attempting to get a reasonable amount of exercise, have some fun, and leave time for relaxation while still maintaining an acceptable state of personal hygiene, but it’s next to impossible. However, I am sure that almost all of you can relate to at least 80% of this. So as you probably know from your own experiences, here’s what’s been falling by the wayside:

  • One-one-one time with my husband
  • Getting a reasonable amount of exercise
  • Actual relaxation time
  • And sadly, time for meditation. Yep, the ^mostly mindful mommy is a lapsed meditator (good thing I gave you the “mostly” party up front, right?).

Here’s what I know: balance is impossible.

But what I can strive for, and what I believe we all have the ability to achieve is to be what I’ll call ^mostly balanced. This means that by being more mindful I can ensure I’m consciously choosing the next right thing to be doing in each moment. Fewer unconscious moments (like missing an opportunity to take a walk outside, mindlessly watching TV out of exhaustion, or zoning out on social media) will lead to more opportunities to notice when I have a few extra minutes to take a walk or connect more deeply with husband despite an otherwise full schedule. I practice mindful parenting and mindfulness in my daily life, but I also know I’m most aware when I have a daily meditation practice.

Here’s my commitment to myself, to my family, to you, and to the world:

  • I’m committing to 10 minutes of meditation every single day for the next year – the #mostlymindful10. I know it can be done, and I will prove it. If I can do it, it’s possible for you too!
  • I’ll be sharing pictures of when and where I do these meditations, not only as proof but also for inspiration.
  • I’ll also be sharing exactly what techniques I’m using, which may not necessarily be a sitting meditation but could be walking, coloring mandalas, using an APP, and more! I’ve met so many people over the past week who are doing varied and interesting techniques and I’m curious to try them all! As I do this, I’ll be sharing them with you, along with techniques I’ve been using for years, and new techniques of my own!

Here’s what I need from you:

  • I’ll be sharing details not only on my blog, but also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Follow my good days and less-than-good days, and help spread the word!
  • Join me! Parents, non-parents, baby boomers, millennials, men, and women alike. Come one, come all, and share your experiences and pictures using #mostlymindful10!
  • Please, please, give me feedback! I want to hear in the comments on my blog and/or social media when you try these techniques. What did you like, or dislike? What worked, and what didn’t?
  • Is there a certain mindfulness exercise or meditation you’ve been curious about? Point me in that direction or point them in mine!
  • Most importantly, assist me as I continue to build this imperfect, real, ^mostly mindful community. Let’s support each other in this challenge!

I’m a real person. I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I believe this challenge can help us all. Are you in?

Join me for the #mostlymindful10! | mostly mindful mommy
if she can sit, so can you!

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20 thoughts on “I Have a Confession to Make…

  1. Mariah says:

    I can definitely relate! We’re thinking about starting a family, and when I wonder how that’s going to work with both of us in the middle of career changes, another move, my daily workouts, and building a business I just wonder “how’s that gonna work”? But I do know my workouts and the days I include meditation are the things that give me any energy or sanity back, so I love your challenge! My husband has recently fallen in love with the Buddhify meditation app. It’s a good one for busy people who are new to meditation or don’t quite connect with the more eastern traditions.


    • the mostly mindful mommy says:

      I hear you, I don’t think there’s ever a “best time” to start a family. You’ll know when it’s the right time, and you’ll be forced to re-prioritize accordingly – and that in itself can be a wonderful gift! I’m glad to hear an app is working for your husband, I plan to explore my experiences with several of the apps out there during this challenge! I love that you bring up how not everyone connects to more eastern traditions but that shouldn’t stop us from giving meditation a try. Many have a misconception that they have to go hand in hand, but it’s simply not true!

  2. Emma says:

    Good for you! Not just for challenging yourself but for posting about it – talk about accountability! We’ll be rooting for you!

    • the mostly mindful mommy says:

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Emma! I hope you’ll be joining us :)

  3. Mummaknows says:

    I’m still on maternity leave and life already feels chaotic. We all feel like the day I go back to work will be dooms day for us! Life is just so busy and I love your commitment to doing this. I’m rooting for you!! #famjamlinky

    • the mostly mindful mommy says:

      Do your best to enjoy every moment of that leave, Mumma! I did feel I reclaimed a part of myself when I went back to work by like.. putting on makeup and clothes other than sweatpants :) But those days (those exhausting days) at home with my newborn are something I’ll treasure forever.

  4. Angela @ Setting My Intention says:

    It’s so hard to be consistent and maintain habits! I always have to remember that there is grace when I fail and to start the next day. I think this is wonderful!

    • the mostly mindful mommy says:

      The best thing about mindfulness is we don’t even have to wait until the next day! We can begin again in the very next moment. Powerful.

  5. Jamie @ Medium Sized Family says:

    I really feel God calling me to more prayer time, and this post is yet another reminder for me. I think it’s a wonderful challenge!

    • the mostly mindful mommy says:

      I’m glad you see that connection, Jamie! Prayer is a meditation too. I’ve even had lengthy conversations with a Catholic nun I met on a flight about the correlation between meditation with prayer beads and Catholic prayer and rosary beads. Whatever we call that quiet time we take to connect with ourselves, the universe, and our higher power, I truly believe it is a universal thing that we call by different names. I’d love to hear how adding more time for prayer in your day goes for you!

  6. Kacie says:

    I appreciate your honesty! This is really challenging me to be mindful and intentional with my time and really “present” with my kids instead of getting lost on Facebook or instagram. Sometimes my meditation moments are in the midst of the chaos of mornings with my kids-having music on that helps me get in the right frame of mind and helps me remember to stay calm with my kids. I know this isn’t traditional meditation, but its a way to practice the right frame of mind while in the midst of my day, maybe the only time I have with 3 littles about! Thanks for this!

    • the mostly mindful mommy says:

      Thank you for sharing, Kacie! That’s exactly what my challenge is all about – breaking down ideas of what “traditional” meditation has to be! We can do it anywhere, anytime, if we put our mind to it. I certainly know there are plenty of wasted 10 minute spots in my day (yep, FB comes into play in many of them) where I can fit this in. And it doesn’t have to just be sitting with eyes closed, it can be adult coloring or taking a walk, if done with intention. I hope you’ll join the journey! Here’s an old post of mine I wrote that you might enjoy, which talks about ways to stay present as a parent without doing a formal meditation:

  7. Kirsten Toyne says:

    Balance is impossible. It is about flowing with the moment as much as planning ahead. In my mind I always want a plan but then the moment calls and I realise it is more important than some plan I made up to suit my sense of order. I think that doing as you are here and resetting your priorities every so often is very beneficial. Thanks for sharing. Kirsten

    • the mostly mindful mommy says:

      So very true, Kirsten! I used to get very upset when things didn’t go exactly to plan. Not only did life get easier for me when I loosened up on my expectations, but I was also able to see the beauty and order in possibly why things didn’t go as planned. Thanks for reading!

  8. Emma says:

    Hi from the Weekend Blog Share! I hate when things don’t feel balanced/fair (I’m a Libra, so…) but I agree that balance is impossible when you’re juggling family, work, and yourself. I’m not a “go with the flow” kind of person, but I’m trying to be now that I have two kids!

    I’ll be following along on Instagram!

  9. Joy Morales says:

    Love this – I feel like I’m always striving to find balance yet there never seems to be things that are taken off my plate that aren’t replaced by something else (albeit, something I’m more into)…I was meditating like crazy my first trimester and the beginning of the second but I too have fallen off!  I need to start again. It makes me a better version of me. Thanks for sharing this!


  10. Ruth @ Mummy and the Mexicans says:

    Good luck with your challenge!  I often feel that I’m in a race against time to do all the things I need to do, or even just some of them, and that gets stressful. You’re right that a balance is impossible!  I need some techniques to clear my head and organise my ideas.  Meditation would probably be good for me!  Visiting from the Weekend Blog Share

  11. Michelle says:

    I’ll join you. Starting today!

    I have only been meditating a few minutes (some days as little as 30 seconds here, 10 seconds there), but I would like to increase my endurance for being even more present in my daily life.

    Thanks for sharing your journey and inspiring me to reconnect with myself.

    • the mostly mindful mommy says:

      Fantastic, Michelle! I’m so glad to have you on board :)

  12. Emma says:

    Ah, the truth at last – balance is impossible. Fortunately different things in life need our attention at different times (at least ideally!). Totally in for the challenge!


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